Optimization of Electric Power Distribution Using Hybrid Simulated Annealing Approach

The key goal of electric power distribution companies is to provide a high quality of service with a low cost of operation.The growing customer needs requires a re-distribution of the Power over various nodes of the Distributed Generation (DG) facilitates.The re-distribution might cause over load on various
parts of the networks which if not correctly optimized might increase the cost of maintenance and affect the overall network reliability.This is why it is urgently requited to find a methodology that can effectively provide a schema for re-distribution of the power and achieve both customers and power companies
contracting objectives. In this paper,we explore our new proposed idea of using a simulated annealing based local search technique to provide an efficient power load distribution for distributed generation network.On doing this,we will apply ourapproach on the famous IEEE14 and IEEE30 power systems as two test cases.The developed results show the significant of the proposed approach.