Reinforced Concrete Structures Corrosion Monitoring

This paper reviews all the electrochemical and nondestructive techniques from the point of view of corrosion assessment and their applications to bridges,buildings and other civil engineering structures.Reinforced concrete structures have the potential to be very durable and capable of withstanding a variety of adverse environmental conditions.

In this paper the protection of reinforcing steel in new and existing reinforced
concrete structures by using migration corrosion inhibitors (MCI) and corrosion protective materials (CM) which contain MCI is discussed. The composition and criteria of quality for products and systems for protection and repair of new and existing reinforced concrete structures is discussed too.It is also described the procedure of the restoration with the MCI-inhibitors and materials contended this inhibitors of the reinforced concrete structures of the module no.3 on the
wharf mo. 5 in the harbour Ploče.

protection and repair of reinforced concrete stuctures