Staad Pro 2004 tutorial

Analysis and design of 6-storey building using staad. Pro

The goal of this study is to determine stress ranges felt on Delaware Bridge #771.
This bridge contains two fatigue-sensitive details experiencing different stress ranges.The determination of these stress ranges will be done using the structural analysis computer program Staad.Pro 2004. In order to apply Staad, a model of DE Bridge #771 is generated and analyzed within the computer program. Ultimately, this study determines if the fatigue-sensitive details are exposed to high enough stress levels to cause fatigue failure and if so what the remaining fatigue life of each detail would be.The concepts and methods used in analysis of the bridge come from studies conducted by Dr. John Fisher of Lehigh University, AASHTO, and the NCHRP. Hopefully this study will set forth a methodology that is easily understood and reproducible so that others can apply similar methods of analysis to other bridges.