Aircraft Hydraulic System Modeling and Simulation

This paper presents the work carried out in the
development of a software package for modeling and
simulation of aircraft hydraulic system. The
development of simulation package has been done for
a typical fighter aircraft hydraulic system, with
MATLAB” as the basic platform. Various
component models, along with the influence of
engine speed and system failure modes, are combined
to configure the present package. The inputs for
simulation are; altitude, Mach number, angle of
attack, elevator command, aileron command and
rudder command, which are obtained from
independent pilot-in-loop tests conducted on
hydraulic system test rig for a typical fighter aircraft.
Verification and validation of the simulation package
is carried out using results conducted on the above
rig, under different flight conditions and also for
different failure modes of the system. These
simulation results are found to be satisfactory, when
compared with the actual test results. Lastly, the
software developed is general enough to be
applicable to many different types of hydraulic
systems and can also be augmented to include other