Centrifugal Oil Separator Reservoir

The Westermeyer Industries Centrifugal Oil Separator/Reservoir is designed to remove high quantities of oil at a wide range of operating capacities. Field tests have shown these oil separators to be effective up to 99% - even in high oil loading conditions. The separator/reservoir is particularly effective for use with screw
compressor systems.

The oil separator portion is divided from the reservoir by an internal bafle. This bafle protects the oil in the reservoir from the turbulent action of the oil separator. Two sight glasses provide visual indication of the oil level. It is best to maintain the oil level between the two glasses. A 3/8" lare Rotolock valve is included for installation on the oil return port.

Oil separators are to be selected based on the tonnage of the system under normal operating conditions. This is the capacity or BTU's of the compressor(s) based on the refrigerant gas at the saturated suction and condensing temperatures of the operating system. For optimum sizing, select an oil separator with the nearest capacity to the system’s load at the evaporating temperature.