Composite materials

1.Introduction to Composites
2.Basic Definitions and Classification of Composites
3. Advantages of Composites materials
4.Reinforcements & Matrices for various types of composites
5. Fibers/Reinforcement Materials
6. Matrix Materials
7.Fiber reinforced Polymer (FRP) Laminated composite
8.Stress and Strain concepts in 3-D
9.Introduction to Anisotropic Elasticity
10.Tensorial concept and indicial notations
11.Plane stress concept
12.Micromechanics of Laminae
13.Introduction to Mechanics of Plates
14.Classical Laminated Plate Theory
15.Stress-resultants in a Laminate
16.Structural Mechanics of Laminates
17. Special Classification of Laminates
18. Strength of Laminates ,Failure Mechanics of Composites ,Macromechanical Failure Theories
19.Typical Structural Component Design process
,Laminate Analysis/Design software ,Composite Codes & Standards
20. Fabrication/Manufacturing Techniques