Control Gear selection

This is the simplest circuit and therefore most economical to
purchase where the capital cost of the installation has to be kept
to a minimum. The circuit consists of a magnetic copper/iron
ballast, a capacitor and a glow starter canister. It is very important
to replace defective starters to prevent gear overheating and
damage. It is recommended that the starter is replaced whenever
a new lamp is installed. This circuit type is available for many of
the luminaires listed in this catalogue.
Electronic Start
This uses an electronic starting device, with a magnetic
copper/iron ballast, instead of the conventional starter switch
and provides flicker free lamp starting. The electronic starter gently
warms the lamp for fractions of a second before starting, extending
the lamp life by up to 50%, depending on switching frequency.
Lumen maintenance is also improved as lamp end blackening is
reduced. The electronic starter also automatically switches off a
failed lamp - thus preventing troublesome lamp flicker and flashing -
which if left can lead to ballast burnout. A selected number of
luminaires in this catalogue are offered with this option as