Deformation Behaviour of Reinforced Polystyrene Concrete Beam

An experimental investigation was conducted to compare the flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams with normal-weight and polystyrene-aggregate concrete mixes with the aim of extending the application of lightweight polystyrene concrete to structural members.
Dimensions and reinforcement details for both the normal-weight and polystyrene concrete beams are identical, and the 28-day compressive strengths of both types of concrete are similar. Analysis of the test results indicates that AS3600 rectangular stress block method of analysis provides accurate and conservative prediction of the ultimate bending capacity for both the normal-weight and polystyrene concrete beams. The Simplified Method of calculating beam deflections as set out in AS3600 is under-estimated the short-term deflections of the polystyrene aggregate concrete beam and Gergely-Lutz equation may be used to predict the maximum crack width for the reinforced concrete beams with both normal weight and polystyrene aggregate concrete mixtures.