Dynamic Model of Wind Turbine Generators

This paper describes the ERCOT dynamic models and
simulations of a simple network with different types of
wind turbine models currently available. The power
system network is assumed to operate under normal
conditions and then a three-phase fault is introduced to
simulate a disturbance in the power system network.

The dynamic models discussed in this paper are based
on the data provided by the manufacturers. The authors
did not change the control algorithms or the transfer
function provided by the manufacturers to improve
turbine performance. The authors do not endorse nor
criticize the algorithm implemented in the dynamic
models. The implementation of the wind turbine model
is solely based on the information provided by the
manufacturers to PTI at the time. The changes made
after the model was implemented were not included in
the model and are beyond the scope of the ERCOT

Because the purpose of this dynamic model is to study
power system behavior, most of the mechanical systems
are not modeled in detail but are sufficiently represented
protection for both over and under voltage or frequency.