Electronic Components & Systems and their Radiation Qualification for Use in the LHC Machine

Studies, taking into account the expected radiation doses for the different
sections in the LHC accelerator tunnel, such as regular arcs and dispersion
suppressors, show that electronic equipment can be considered for installation
under the magnets.

An estimate based on work carried out for String 2, the LHC
Magnet String Program and extrapolated to the whole LHC machine gives a total
of several thousands electronic crates to be housed under the magnets.

This represents a substantial installation and a large expenditure.
In order to qualify electronic equipment for installation in the LHC tunnel, from
its radiation hardness point of view at the dose levels considered, an on-line
radiation test facility has ben created and installed along a secondary beam line
in the north experimental area of the SPS accelerator.

The object of this paper is to present the type of electronic equipment and systems
planned to be installed in the tunnel of the LHC and to give some preliminary
results on radiation tests made for this electronics.