Field of coastal and harbor engineering

In the coastal areas where main masses of our planet (atmosphere, sea, land) intersect, each having a dynamic nature to a certain extend, a complicated environment is created for engineering activities. Coastal engineering is one of the fields which in general sense deals with hydraulics of seas close to the coastlines (coastal hydraulics), all the constructions taking place along the shores
and offshore, planning, construction and management of ports. Then, coastal engineering may be defined as "the application of the physical and engineering sciences to the planning, design and construction of environment friendly works in the coastal zone for the benefit of human kind which harmonizes with the natural coastal dynamics".

Coastal engineering has emerged as a well-defined new discipline after the mid-twentieth century. Its emergence owes much to the organized efforts spent during World War II. Until World War II, the coastal activities represented the focus of scientific and technological efforts to understand and, to some extend, to control the coasts. During the war, the military began landing troops, supplies and equipment on coasts throughout the world, which required special coastal
characteristics, wave conditions etc... Consequently, extensive studies and research on coastal processes including waves, currents, tides, wave transformations in shallow water, wave prediction, and coastal morphology have started. These studies continued after the war, but took on an engineering emphasis.

In the modern era of coastal research, the studies include the origin and development of the coastal features through the processes that control the coast; its morphodynamics. We all know that, the geological processes have shaped our coasts and continue their work in the future. Man tries to interfere but forces are strong and persistent. Therefore, as coastal engineers we should shape our activities to harmonize with the natural coastal dynamics. In coastal works “building with nature” should be the basic principle.