Mechanical Ventilation

Without mechanical ventilation to provide fresh air, moisture, odors, and other
pollutants can build up inside a home. Mechanical ventilation systems circulate fresh air using ducts and fans, rather than relying on airflow through small holes or cracks in a home’s walls, roof, or windows. Homeowners can breathe easier knowing their home has good ventilation.

• Better Indoor Air Quality. Indoor air can be many times more polluted than outdoor air, and the average American spends 90 percent of the day inside. Ventilation systems can significantly improve a home’s air quality by removing allergens, pollutants, and moisture that can cause mold problems.

• More Control. When homes rely on air flow through walls, roofs, and windows for
ventilation, there is no control over the source or amount of air that comes into the house.
In fact, air leaking into the house may come from undesirable areas such as the garage, attic, or crawl space. Mechanical ventilation systems, however, provide proper fresh air flow along with appropriate locations for intake and exhaust.

• Improved Comfort. Mechanical ventilation systems allow a constant flow of outside air into the home and can also provide filtration, dehumidification, and conditioning of the incoming outside air.