The production of electronic components for the IT industries: Changing labour force

The purpose of this report is to provide background information to stimulate
discussions at the Tripartite Meeting on the Production of Electronic Components for the IT Industries: Changing Labour Force Requirements in a Global Economy. As such, it does not seek to provide a comprehensive analysis of each national vocational education and training (VET) system, or to review every individual company or industry requirement. Instead, it focuses on the recent economic developments which form the backdrop against which these requirements can be assessed. The report also provides information on selected trends and issues as illustrations.

he report is organized as follows. Chapter 1 presents some recent developments in
the industry – in the areas of production, exports and employment – using
internationally comparable statistics to the extent that they were available, plus a case study of the Republic of Korea.

Chapter 2 traces the rise of contract manufacturers or electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers.

Chapter 3 looks at the original design manufacturers (ODMs) and the PC and mobile phone industries.

Chapter 4 examines recent experiences of countries in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and their ability to build up an export industry as a means of participating in globalization.

Chapter 5 examines examples of training provided by companies.

Chapter 6 outlines some of the social and labour problems emerging as a result of the current division of labour, and

Chapter 7 looks at some of the industry and union responses to these problems.

Chapter 8 draws some of the above aspects together and lists some suggested points for discussion.