RedaHPS Horizontal Multistage Surface Pumps

The RedaHPS horizontal multistage pump has a rich history of continuous product improvement, owing largely to quality assurance practices that were put in place soon after the REDA electric submersible pump system was awarded the original patent for ESPs worldwide.

Since the 1940s, the RedaHPS pump series has been a reliable, cost-effective, flexible alternative to conventional pumping systems. The RedaHPS system is used today in a wealth of applications around the globe, from simple water injection and disposal to more complex refinery and offshore crude oil transfer and refinery pumping service.

Cost-competitive and customizable for your specific needs, the RedaHPS equipment requires less inventory and delivery time than conventional equipment and has a lower life-cycle cost, thanks to minimized downtime and low maintenance requirements. The result is increased mean time between failures (MTBF), giving you a powerful pumping system you can count on.