Satellite Passive Thermal Control & Material Selection


Simple model that do not need especial or an
expensive computation platform can be used in the
estimation the surfaces temperatures of the satellite.

Materials with absorptivity to emissivity α s/ε ratios
less than about 0.5 such as Aluminized Teflon and
White Epoxy can be used for sides, which are
subjected to high thermal load.

Materials with high absorptivity to emissivity ratio
(α s/ε ) larger than 1.3 such as raw aluminum,
polished aluminum, steel and polished steel should
be considered for a satellite sides subjected to low
heat flux.

Using Aluminized Teflon for the satellite surface
subjected to highest heat load and polished
aluminum for surface with lowest heat load but
using Aluminum2024 for the rest of satellite sides,
achieve temperatures values of satellite surfaces
suitable for most electronic devices and payloads.

A passive thermal control could be achieved
through manufacturing the surfaces of the satel lite
from a combination of good radiator materials and
good insulator materials.