Solar Power Questions Answered

How does a solar panel work?
How is light turned into electricity?
How much power?
What can I do with the power?
What sort of power is it?
I’m on the mains. Can’t I have solar power then?
So what if I’m not on the mains?
How do I design a system?
Optimise my loads?
Done that, what next?
Now then, what size does the battery need to be?.
I’m getting the hang of this, can I do the controller and inverter?
How do I attach it all together?
How do I attach it all together?
What goes where?
How is it wired up?
Where do I go for more help?.
To find a professional installer
To do it yourself.
Example Wiring Diagrams.
12 Volt lighting only system.
Inverter system.