Solar Winds Advanced Subnet Calculator

SolarWinds’ Free Advanced Subnet Calculator is one of those tools that give you 101% of their capabilities without any restrictions or inconvenience. As its name says, it’s a tool that can help you with the subnetting process, but it can also come in handy in showing your address details, calculate CIDR or show available IP addresses within a subnet.
The Address Details tab can offer you a variety of information about a single IP address you’re entering. Whether it’s about the reverse hostname, the hex or binary version of the address, the class info, the average response time or retrieval from RIPE’s database of the proper information, the level of information is easy to understand and can also be handled efficiently.

The Classful Subnet Calculator is very useful in the subnetting process; after customizing the parameters you’re shown a full list of the possible subnets, including subnet mask, inversed subnet mask, the actual subnet size and the host ranges.

The Classless Inter-Domain Route Calculator (CIDR Calculator) extends the Subnet Calculator by adding CIDR support, for even more flexibility.

Last but not least, the Subnet Addresses tab helps you in displaying all the hosts within a subnet, by just entering the IP address and the subnet mask. It also highlights the subnet address and the broadcast address for your information.
An interesting feature was the possibility to export the obtained information into comma delimited files, text files, html files, PDF files or even Excel files, for future analysis.

Solar Winds’ Free Advanced Subnet Calculator is customizable from the skin point of view. It comes with 26 different skins for you to try, but its real power and usability comes from the way it provides IP and subnet information.

SolarWinds makes the Advanced Subnet Calculator available at no cost via their web site.

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