Super Critical Pressure Steam Combined Cycle

Recently, several successful duration tests of theMHD power generation have been conducted in theUSA and China. It has been predicted that thecycle efficiency of (1) the coal-fired MHD/steamturbine combined system will be up to 50-60%with the oxidizer of preheated air, (2) 40-50%with the oxygen enriched air, and (3) 40% in thecase with the CO j /O j combustion system,respectively. The concentration of O » within theexhaust gas in the last case will be 90 mol% whileit is 15 mol% in the first case. Therefore, the CO *recovery would be much easier than that using theair as theoxidizer. In this study, attempts weremade to show how to improve the above-mentionedcycle efficiencies by performing the numericalcalculations