Using IR Thermography in Power Quality

he high, medium and low voltage system is comprised of 26kV primary high voltage, 5kV-voltage medium and 480V low voltage. The high voltage 26kV system includes main and ground-disconnect switches, buss work, 2-oil filled circuit breakers, 2-10 MVA transformers, surge suppressors, bushings and connecting bus work. The medium voltage system consists of eight 5kV breakers, meters, relays, controls, batteries, chargers, cables and connecting buss work. This equipment is housed in an outdoor
switchgear cubicle. The low voltage distribution system is comprised of eight double-ended 1000 to 1500 kVA transformers 4160-480/277V, 24 main and tie breakers, 126 sub-feeder breakers, relays, meters, controls, etc. These load centers are located in the penthouse of the Bulk, Foreign and Administration buildings which provide power to eight MCCs. Furthermore, the 480-277/208120V power, lighting and receptacle panels provide power to various conveyors, parcel and sack sorting machines, belts, computers, servers, UPS, and lighting, motor control centers. The fire alarm system, safety and security systems, etc., are located on the ground floor of the facility. The following paragraphs provide additional details concerning, the power quality assessment and IR survey of various panels and transformers at NJI&BMC.