Design for Cold Formed Steel Structures

The ligthness of cold-formed thin-walled structures was formerly their most important feature and therefore they were used mostly in products where the weight saving was of great importance, This kind of products were naturally needed in especially transportation industries e.g. aircrafts and motor industry.
A wide range of research work during many decades has been conducted all over the world to improve the knowledge about the manufacturing, corrosion protection, materials and codes of practise of thin-walled steel structures. This has led to a constantly increasing use of cold-formed thin-walled structures. Profiled steel sheeting is used in various kind of structures nowadays.
In this paper, a short overview of the manufacturing, products, materials and structural design of profiled steel sheeting is given. Also a short overview of some current research projects is given.

Profiled steel sheeting, sheet steel, cold-formed, thin-wall, corrugated, steel, structural design, steel materials, cladding, roof structures, wall structures, floor structures.