Home Wiring

This guide describes warnings of potential hazards Each part of the home electrical system islisted along with warning signs that may indicate current or future problems. Each sectiondescribes problems and teds you what to do
This Cuide to Home Wiring Hazards was written to help you find electrical dangers in yourhome before they cause fires or electrical shock it provides guidance for pinpointing thelocations of problems within your electrical system before you seek professional assistance It canalso help you avoid potential problems.This booklet is not an instruction manual for repairing defective electrical systems Findingspecific defects in electrical systems and repairing them are jobs for qualified electricalprofessionals. For your safety have them make an assessment of the problems and carry out therepairs needed to assure the electrical safety of your home
Overview ,Warnings ,Electrical Service Equipment,Electrical Panel Box ,Appliance Power Budget ,Fuses/Circuit Breakers ,Lighting/Lamps ,Receptacle Outlets/Switches
Cords/Plugs ,Extension Cords ,Shock Protectors ,Home Wiring Protectors