Birla Super Cement

The plant improving its energy conservation activities, which requires investments and the management,
has behind the various projects, which will be implemented in the coming years. The lists of major
investment based project are as listed below:

• Installation of S circuit in Cement mill area.
• Installation of ‘Jet Tower Natural Air coolers’ in place of conventional fan blades for cooling tower fan.
• Optimisation of Mill
• Installation of HT VFD for Polycom Fan
• Installation of FRP fan blades for External cooling fan.
• Installation of High Efficiency Dust Collector Fan,

The management is also working on the installation of Captive Power Plant to reduce the energy cost. The
energy forum also looking for energy substitutions available for furthers improvement in this line.


Following are the major Environmental & Safety Activities done at our plant.
• Inclusion of PPC grade Cement to utilize waste fly ash from power plant.
• Atomized handling of fly ash through air tight tankers to avoid fugitive natural escape of fly ash to
• Pneumatic unloading systems for dust free unloading of fly ash from tankers.
• Installation of additional two dust collectors at W/T to avoid dust emission.
• Installation of gypsum shed of 2*5000 MT to avoid land contamination.
• Development of rain water harvesting reservoir.
• Covering of belt conveyors to avoid dust emission during transportation.
• Construction of BT road inside plant area.
• Development of green plantation by 75%.
• Installations of sprinklers for flower garden & Lawn.
• Concrete flooring for Oil/HSD storage.
• Construction of concrete sewerage treatment plant.
• Installations of one number dust collector at packing plant area.
• Use of sweeping machine to clean the roads & ground floors.
• Charging of bore wells with rain water.
• Development of Flora & Faunas at plant.