Image Recognition and CAPTCHAs

Image Recognition has an important role in distinguish orginal internet communications from humans and those communications come from software robots if the tester of this operation is a computer then this process would be more complex and CAPTCHAs: Completely Automated Public Tests to tell Computers and Humans come as a good tool to prevent such undesirable behaviour associated with software programs such as sending too much commerical e-mils or inflating ratings when a recommender system decived by rating the same product many times this paper will examines three proposals for image recognition CAPTCHAs and as CAPTCHAs straddle HCI and computer security techniques need to be applied from HCI and computer security to analyze them Image recognition seems to be such a problem image recognition is too hard for computers there are types of captchas tasks they require are :image recognition, text recognition, and speech recognition
image recognition is not new idea but no one of previous studies on image recognition exists all of them were broken or insufficiently studied.
Image Recognition ,CAPTCHAs,text recognition, and speech recognition