Electric Meter Reading

Double-checking the numbers on your electric meter never hurts, especially when the beneits involve saving energy and money.By learning how to read your electric meter,
you can monitor your usage and avoid being overcharged or undercharged by the utility company.
The glass-enclosed electric meter is almost always round in shape and found outside the home. The electric meter has four round clock like dials with digits 0-9 displayed on each one and a spinning disk beneath them which, speeds up and slows
down as usage increases and decreases.

You can igure out how to read your electric meter by using the following steps:
1. Locate the four dials in the row and always remember to read them from left to right. Also be aware that the pointer on the irst dial of an electric meter circles clockwise, the second dial counterclockwise, the third clockwise and the fourth counterclockwise.
2. Notice the pointer in each dial and write down the number indicated by its position. When the pointer is between two numbers, the reading for the dial is the smaller of the two numbers
Electric Meter Reading