An Improved Single Phase Full Bridge Inverter Using Sequential Triggering for Achieving Zero Voltage without Inductor

This paper introduces new technique for triggering full bridge inverter based on power transistor as switches. This method based on the design of a sequential timer as triggering circuits. The designed timer is designed to trigger the power switches of the two branches of the inverter and provides enough delay time between the triggering signals of the inverter branches. The interval of the delay time must
be properly chosen to ensure that the current of branch reaches to its zero before applying the triggering to the second branch of the inverter. Consequently, the load current crosses the zero value and goes down safety to the negative direction. In this paper the full bridge inverter based on power transistor, control strategy for triggering, interface stages between the timer and the transistors bases are designed.
The system undergoes is tested by using the lead acid battery and the solar cells array as a power supply. The system offers efficient operation with the two supplies.