Leica TPS1200 User Manual

*ow to Use this Manual?
*escription of the System
*ser Interface( Keyboard,Screen,Operating Principles,Icons)
*nstrument Setup(This topic describes an instrument setup over a marked ground point using the laser plummet. It is always possible to set up the instrument without the need for a marked ground point.)
*utodetect Behaviour(• The instrument incorporates an autodetect behaviour and
automatically detects
the following devices:
• SmartAntenna
• RadioHandle
• radios/modems in clip-on-housings
• Whenever a device is attached, the instrument responds with two short beeps.
• Whenever a device is removed, the instrument responds with one long beep.
*Istrument Setup as SmartStation(LED Indicators on SmartAntenna,....)
*Instrument Setup for Remote Control and more....
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