Cellulose Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Processing and Product Characteristics

1.Statement of Problems and Opportunities
2.Research Objectives
3.Cellulose Fibers for Reinforcement:
a.Utilization of cellulose fibers: Opportunities and limitations
b.Chemical modification of cellulose fibers
4.Properties of Cellulose Fiber-Thermoplastic Composites:
a. Fiber dispersion
b. Fiber-matrix adhesion
c. Fiber aspect ratio
d Fiber orientation
e. Fiber volume fraction
5.Nondestructive Analysis of Fiber Dispersion
6.Materials Description
a.Cellulose acetate butyrate ( CAB )
b.Cellulose fibers
7.Sample Preparation:
b.Compression molding
8.Process and Product Characterization:
a.Minimat tensile testing
b.Scanning electron microscopy ( SEM )
c. Image analysis
9.Preliminary Assessment of Processing Conditions (Pre-trials)
10.Assessment of Fiber Types:
a. Mixing torque curve
b. Mechanical properties
c. Scanning electron microscopy
d. Fiber dispersion