A Review on Sisal fiber reinfroced polymer composites

The global demand for wood as a building material is steadily growing, while the availability of this natural resource is diminishing. This situation has led to the development of alternative materials. Of the various synthetic materials that have been explored and advocated, polymer composites claim a major participation as building materials. There has been a growing interest in utilizing natural fibres as
reinforcement in polymer composite for making low cost construction materials in recent years.

Natural fibres are prospective reinforcing materials and their use until now has been more traditional than technical. They have long served many useful purposes but the application of the material technology for the utilization of natural fibres as reinforcement in polymer matrix took place in comparatively recent years.

Economic and other related factors in many developing countries where natural fibres
are abundant, demand that scientists and engineers apply appropriate technology to utilize these natural fibres as effectively and economically as possible to produce good quality fibre reinforced polymer composites for housing and other needs. Among the various natural fibres,sisal is of particular interest in that its composites have high impact strength besides having moderate tensile and flexural properties compared to other lignocellulosic fibres.

The present paper surveys the research work published in the field of sisal fibre reinforced polymer composites with special reference to the structure and properties of sisal fibre, processing techniques, and the physical and mechanical properties of the composites