Concrete Floors - Why Paint Them?

Why Paint Concrete Floors?

Concrete finds itself used extensively in construction. Its functionality
and performance, strength and durability have seen it used more
extensively in both residential and commercial construction. The very
high compressive strength of concrete, along with its durability and
dimensional stability (it won’t warp or rot) makes concrete an excellent
flooring material. But unpainted concrete does have drawbacks, all of
which can be overcome by the application of a protective coating system.

To rectify Shortcomings of Existing Concrete
The look and aesthetics of raw concrete are not always appealing;
even where the raw, “industrial” concrete look had been desired and
specified, the final appearance of concrete is often not what the
architect or designer expected, as the surface is often blighted with
stains, streaks and marks from curing compounds, form oils, release
agents, mortar smears and site damage and wear-and-tear.
Imperfections arising from blowholes, honeycombing and on-site
damage affect not only the aesthetics, but also the integrity of the
concrete itself, and will require filling and patching