Painting and Stenciling on Concrete Floors

Besides just painting a concrete floor, you can make it special with a decorative paint finish. You can make it look like tile, stone or marble, you can stencil it, make it look like an oriental rug or anything else found on a floor surface. Concrete floors can be painted in either a waterborne paint or a solvent based paint - you will just need to be sure that the paint you buy is suitable for concrete floors. As a general rule of thumb, newly poured concrete should not be painted for 90 days after it is poured. The reason is the the pH level of newly poured concrete is 13.

Paint will not bond well to anything that has a pH over 10. Allowing nature to take its course, the concrete after 90 days will be less than pH 10 and it can be painted. Before you paint the concrete (if it's new or 10 yrs. old) you need to make sure it is clean and dust free.