Land Development Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to protect fish populations and their habitat from the damaging effects of land development activities. The information contained in these guidelines pertains to the preservation of Pacific salmon populations, a federally-managed resource (DFO), and steelhead, trout, char and other freshwater species, which are managed by the provincial Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (MOELP).

These guidelines apply primarily to salmon, trout and char, collectively termed salmonids, but are applicable to all fish species. Understandably, the recommendations contained in these guidelines are generalized and, as such, are applicable to a wide range of situations.

Although the federal and provincial agencies work in close association, it is important that both be contacted whenever a problem arises regarding fisheries resources that cannot be resolved through reference to the land development guidelines.

In some instances and locations, it may be necessary for personnel of the federal and provincial habitat management agencies to modify recommendations presented in these guidelines to
reflect site specific conditions and in order to protect salmonid habitat