Electricity Safety

Electricity is usually a very safe household energy to use, although as with other types of energy there are some safety issues that you should be aware of.
There are times when a fault or emergency will occur with your electricity supply. This leaflet has been designed with some useful tips on what to do if you have an electrical problem or accident. It also explains what to
do in the event of an emergency and contains important phone numbers
What to do in the event of an electrical accident
Contact with electricity can cause a range of injuries including burns, breathing failure and heart failure. The extent of the injuries will depend on the strength of the voltage and current, how long the person was exposed to it and how well the person was insulated between the electricity source and the ground (for example, whether they were standing on a wooden surface or wearing rubber soled shoes).
Important If the injured person is still in contact with a live electrical source do not touch them. First switch the power off, or if this is not possible, use a wooden broom handle to push them free All electricity customers have certain responsibilities relating to electricity services and electricity supply
equipment (‘electricity supply equipment’ includes the service mains, wires, equipment, meters and any other assets relating to the supply of electricity)
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