Wireless Fieldbus & Networked Control Systems

In an industrial network, the field level network
connecting sensors and actuators plays a significant
role in the networked control system (NCS). At the
field level network of factory automation, I/Os, PLCs,
sensors, and actuators are connected with a real-time
control network. These networks are referred to as the
The industrial environment is composed of a
number of sensors, actuators and I/Os. Most
transmitted I/O data other than network maintenance
data are less than 1 byte [1]. The Fieldbus should be
able to transmit real-time periodic data, sporadic data
for alarm and non real-time message data for network
maintenance [2]. Because of these limitations, existing
Fieldbuses are based on wired technology.
With advancements in wireless technology, a
wireless network can be integrated into an existing
Fieldbus system [3]. The wireless Fieldbus has
strengths based on mobility, ease of installation and
maintenance due to the lack of cabling. In general, the
industrial environment is error prone and the
reliability of wireless technology is lower than wired
one. Therefore, it is difficult to support a real-time
transmission and multiple I/O nodes in the industrial