Drawing with SolidWorks 2004

Your responsibilities as the designer include developing drawings that adhere to the
ASME Y14 American National Standard for Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices. The foundation for a SolidWorks drawing is the Drawing Template. Drawing size, drawing standards, units and other properties are defined in the Drawing Template.Sheet Formats contain the following: border, title block, revision block, company name, logo, SolidWorks Properties and Custom Properties.
You are under time constraints to complete the project. Conserve drawing time. Create a custom Drawing Template and Sheet Format.
Perform the following tasks in this Project:
• Modify Document Properties and create an empty C-size Drawing Template.
• Import an AutoCAD drawing and save the drawing as a C-size Sheet Format.
• Add System Properties and Custom Properties to the Sheet Format.
• Combine the empty Drawing Template and imported the Sheet Format to create the C-ANSI-MM Drawing Template.
• Generate an empty A-size Drawing Template.
• Modify an existing SolidWorks A-size Sheet Format.
• Create an A-ANSI-MM Drawing Template
Drawing with SolidWorks 2004