High Voltage Line Becomes a Power Distributor

The high line voltage passes over the head but we don’t have electricity to have our
mill functioned, we continue to live without the power! In many developing
countries, we have a lot of high lines voltage which cross many regions to supply
electricity to the main towns or connect to networks the distanced electric stations.
These booked lines for supplying electricity to big towns cross a lot of villages
whose people broadly poor hope to be supplied with electricity without a suitable
solution. However it seems very deplorable that the power conducted by these lines
doesn’t profit to surrounding population. Unfortunately, for these villages, the use
of classical stations is too expensive to the power distributors because of high cost of investment and production for these potential scattered consumers with the
feeble demand of electricity

This paper presents the original solution, settled in 2002 in one of the village
located in Congo Brazzaville, and continues to function correctly. It is a new power
transformer with one phase called PLX which is connected on one phase of the
high line voltage 220kV and which produces extraordinary the low voltage 230 V
directly useful by the rural population. This conceived sample for the rural
electrification has been dimensioned for the power of 50kVA. A cheap and
resistant advice! It requires a large popularization and mainly in sub saharian
Africa that has got many opportunities. Outside the role of conduction of the
power, the high line voltage distributes it

index terms:Rural electric distribution, One phase transformer, Voltage measurement
High Voltage Line Becomes a Power Distributor